Co-curricular Activities

The meaning of co-curricular activities revolves around its different feature and characteristics. For the overall development of a child, curriculum is not only the single criteria. The holistic growth as well as to develop the various facets of personality development of children; classroom teaching should be supplemented with co-curricular activities. These out of class activities affect all domains of life such as cognitive (intellectual), emotional, social, moral, cultural and aesthetic. Co-curricular activities meaning are more focused upon cognitive aspects thereby help in intellectual development. Competitiveness, excellence, quality achievements, creativeness and enthusiasm are few of the ethics of extra-curricular activities and also strengthen the meaning of co curricular activities in school that is why we stress on co-curricular activities like:

Games and Sports
Children play games and sports at our school, this enhances their mental and physical abilities and fitness

Educational Excursions
Children are taken for educational trips to get hands-on experience and real life observation in order to enhance their practical grasping skills wherein they enjoy themselves along with learning about various facets of life.


Scholars and parents visits, Field trips, models, diagram, charts, Drama Easy, Quiz,Art, Competition….

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