Honourable Principal’s Message

We understand that, as parents, you want the very best for your child and we share the same goals. Our school provides a close-knit, friendly and supportive learning environment for our students. Whether your child joins us in the Nursery or primary class, we seek to make learning enjoyable and stimulating in an environment that is safe and secure.

Education is changing tremendously now educationists are discussing about critical thinking, problem solving, coding etc. in this scenario we as the responsible team always stress to develop these developments for this we use modern technologies such as Software, Smart LED, Projector,  Computer and much more.

I Amir Amin Lone, founder of the WISDOM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL came up with the mission “BEST WORLD BEST HEREAFTER” my every effort direct to this golden statement “BEST WORLD BEST HEREAFTER” I promise you that with your cooperation your child will get success in the both worlds  InSha Allah.

Dip. Management & Islamic Studies

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